Episode 10 - Water For Elephants

This week Ben “Redder” Peterson swings by Ed and Carter Peterson’s Pat-Cave recording studio to talk about Robert Pattinson’s great haircut in Water For Elephants. Also, Ed wonders if great cinematography alone can save this romantic drama about animal abuse in the big top.

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Episode 8 - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

We did it! We watched all the Twilight films!

This week the father / son duo of Ed and Carter Peterson are joined by Ben “Redder” Peterson, to discuss their thoughts on Breaking Dawn Part 2. Ed thinks Robert Pattinson delivers his best, most consistent performance of any of the Twilight films, listen up to see if Carter and Ben agree.

We also tackle some great listener questions! Send yer questions to peteonpat@gmail.com or hit us up on the twitters.

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