Episode 11 - Bel Ami

This week Ed, Carter and Ben Peterson try to decide if it really is darkest before dawn while diving into Robert Pattinson’s 2012 film Bel Ami. The PP Boys don’t put much stock in those dirty rotten tomatoes, but 27% fresh seems to be in the ballpark this time. While the crew may not have loved Bel Ami they do think dawn is just around the corner! Cosmopolis, The Rover, Good Time… dawn is coming.

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Episode 4 - Twilight and Harry Potter

This week Ed and Carter Peterson are joined by a very special guest, Ben Redder! They huddle together in the PatCave to discuss Robert Pattinson's humble beginnings as a wizard who hops out of trees. They then dig super deep into his career defining role as Edward Cullen, from Stephenie Meyer’s classic young adult novel Twilight. Suck it, Nosferatu.